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Investing and managing

nano for generating macro

  • 0.5% Hourly for 216 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $25-$249
  • 150% After 120 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $250-$499
  • 200% After 72 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $500-$999
  • Up to 20% Hourly for 24 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $1000-$10000


Our company is offering management of finances based on fixed conditions. You can receive profits based on a certain schedule and count on a specific percentage. You can see a convenient and practical table on top where all the main parameters of investments plans are stated. Each of the plans is published as is, on conditions that you see, and there are no additional conditions on the site to withdraw profits or perform transactions. During investing you can choose such useful functions as reinvesting. It allows to make more since your profits is immediately put into work.

The investment plans that we are offering as a choice for our investors are based on many years of experience of managing finances based on different strategies. Now we have developed and opened a program for investors that will be working at least till 2025.

The development of this investment strategy does not depend on the activity of investors and grows together with success of business processes. Therefore, the result of the deals does not depend not only on the investor’s activity, but also on the general activity of all of the investors. Deals are immediate and are closed based on the funds received, immediately registering as deals. That is, all transactions are non-reversible.

You can always invest into one or several from the chosen investment plans. Any investment plan is accessible at the moment when it is accessible, and it is performed only based on those conditions that the investor who opened the deposit used. These conditions should not be changed, and are non-reversible.

Note that your site is protected by the funds that provide for continuous supply of profits and low risks of investments.