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nano for generating macro

  • 0.5% Hourly for 216 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $25-$249
  • 150% After 120 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $250-$499
  • 200% After 72 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $500-$999
  • Up to 20% Hourly for 24 hours
    Minimum/Maximum: $1000-$10000

Affiliate program

Our company created a convenient access point to our funds. Today thousands of investors invest their money into scientific innovations and innovative business through website! In order to join us it is sufficient to go through a simple registration procedure and send money. This is quite simple due to the fact that our company works with the fastest and the safest financial means.

The results of our work speak for themselves and with the scientific component with the investment processes working truly effectively we can rely on the mechanism and attract as many new investors as possible.

We are generating profits with such a speed and in such an amount that new clients can rely on our results, as well as those results that we have achieved in the past. In order for each investor to be able to invite their friends and people they know we have created a representative mechanism. It’s based on a unique partner link.

Everyone who has registered on our site has the following partnership link:


Everyone who registers through this link will bring in the owner of the link up to 15% per each new deposit that this investor would make using currency (not from the balance).

Deposit range $25-249 - 3.5% (1st Level)
Deposit range $250-499 - 7% (2nd Level)
Deposit range $500-999 - 10% (3rd Level)
Deposit range $1000-100k - 15% (4th Level)

The website system is set up in such a way as to generate e-mail notifications after registering new investors through your partner link. That is, if anyone registers through your partner link, you will receive a notification. That is why, when you don’t have an e-mail of this type, ask your partners to check with their sponsors in the partner section.

You can use your link in a wide variety of ways. It can be used to attract new investors, and we recommend you to report about the results of the work of our company in your social networks, publish news and official notifications. Besides, you can use our public website pages on ratings and forum discussion trees. These are convenient ways to support our company and get together with people with the same ideas.

Your unique partner link is a reliable way of increasing your online earnings, and receiving profits from the company that is here for the long term. 15% from each new deposit is an ability to make income both passively from popular publications and actively if necessary when you are ready to support our company. We will always be happy to accept your support.